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Release: La Divina Comedia (Deluxe)

October 21st, 2023

Malísima · La Divina Comedia (Deluxe)

The "Harsh Noise Híperfemenino" project sees its second installment as a deluxe version of the "La Divina Comedia" EP.

This release also serves as another extension to the aformentioned "phylosophical palette", as other inner feelings, such as rage, lust, grief or nostalgia find their manifestation in audio format here.

The sonic manifestation of rage also serves as a way to break gender motives further, by stablishing rage and anger as "femenine" emotions, and by doing so, looks to remove the adjective from them entirely.

Lust is also materialised here in the shape of "Untitled (Viciosa)", as a way to reclaim this insult, typicially used on women who have a high sexual libido, and turn it almost into a modus vivendi of sorts.

Special thanks to Yolanda Blanco for vocals on both sides of "Untitled (Viciosa)".

The release is now available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and pending in the rest of DSPs.