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Release: La Divina Comedia EP

October 3rd, 2023

Malísima · La Divina Comedia

The first installment of the "Harsh Noise Híperfemenino" project arrives in the form of "La Divina Comedia", an equal parts frightening and captivating noise release only the very brave can handle.

The release, whose original artistic gestation took place during an experimental jam session with Little Bad One & Chicas de Al Lado affiliate Accalia (Yasmina Rolfo) in El Rusc, Andorra La Vella’s youth centre, looks to introduce a new array of feelings into my philosophical palette by accompanying them with sonic textures never featured before in any my previous sonic work.

Sonically, it's a very demanding of attention, a "blink-and-you-miss-it" modus operandi. Through the chopping, screwing, looping, and various other methods of distortion, almost any audio source gets turned into a sonic nightmare fit for a deluxe version. (Something about foreshadowing?)

The tracks itself take the shape of energy charged towards someone: but that of anger, regret, and the sort of emotional residue that makes you look at someone differently.

Now, to tackle the question I imagine a few might have:

why the cover?

As stated before, this release is the first of a few that encompass a project, as of now titled "Harsh Noise Híperfemenino" [Spanish for "Hyperfemenine Harsh Noise]", which looks to settle women and non-binary musicians a spot in the already small industry that is noise music, and reclaim the use of the nude body as a sexual fantasy or resource, by using it as a mode of storytelling, almost.

The release is out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and the rest of DSPs.